Restaurants Offering Take Out or Curbside Delivery

Many of our restaurants are open with take out, curbside, or delivery available. Help out our restaurants by using your phone! If you use the take out option at any of the restaurants, help us promote them by snapping a photo and using the hashtag #MooresvilleTakeOut in your post. We’ll share the photos on our social media and our website. It helps the community stay in touch and helps spread the word about the dining options available.


There are thousands of North Carolinians from the restaurant and hospitality industry now without jobs or a source of income. They need money for the basic necessities. They’ve always served us. Now it’s our chance to serve them back. Donate to the NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund. (Or, if you are a hospitality worker who needs assistance, get it here.)

Mooresville Restaurants by Category

Brews To Go:
Ghostface Brewing, King Canary Brewing, Jolly Roger Brew, OnTap, Ultimate Ales, and K Craft Beer & Wine are all offering take away and/or growler refills.